Are you familiar with the concept of driverless technology? The Jerusalem-based Mobileye company has given a lot of thought and consideration to this particular type of technology. The company manufactures the cameras needed for advanced driver assistance systems in no less than 220 different car models. Plus, its 2016 partnership with BMW and Intel has the ultimate goal of developing a completely autonomous-vehicle platform by the year 2021. The collaboration with auto supplier Delphi Automotive wishes to take things one step further and build a so-called “plug-and-play” self-driving platform. Has your head started to spin yet?

Race Cars VS. Driverless Technologies

For passionate drivers who are particularly interested in racing, this driverless technology might not be as attractive. There are plenty of pros and cons that need to be considered when assessing the need for these vehicles of the not so far off future.

Instead of buying stocks for companies producing driverless cars, you might be more interested in investing your passion for race cars. Namely, save money and afford a car you can use exclusively for races. Of course you will need to do everything in your power to protect this all types of perils, and theft or break-in are the most immediate threats that endanger all vehicles.

How To Keep Your Race Car Safe From Thieves

Assuming you have decided to invest in a car you are going to use for racing purposes, you will need to set up quite a consistent budget for it. And you will most likely want to keep improving and updating it with the latest additions to improve its performance, as well as aesthetics.

So this is a decision that will require some pondering beforehand. But once the decision is made and you are getting ready to bring your beloved car home, it is time to move to a different topic of concern: garage safety. That is, if you own a garage that you will be able to use to keep for your new race car. This space will also most likely become your own car shop where you will be spending most of your spare time, working on your car, fixing and improving it periodically. So you will need to properly secure this space with something more than the basic locks.

Reinforce Your Garage With Sturdy Locks

  • There are plenty of DIY projects online that can guide you every step of the way if you wish to handle this on your own. Since most garage doors are made from lightweight materials so they can be easily risen and lowered and cost less, they are also a lot more vulnerable in the hands of intruders.

  • Add steel bracing to your garage door for extra safety.

  • If you have a wooden overhead garage door with a thin panel, it is best to add 1/2 inch plywood inside of it. You can also opt for replacing it with a metal rolling overhead door.

  • You can also install a security keypad on the outside of the door to allow entrance and exit. Do not reveal the security number code to people you do not wish to be granted access to your garage. Professional 247 commercial locksmith services commercial locksmiths that also offer automotive or residential services are usually your best options when it comes to installing these keypads the right way. They can also install key master locks or a combination lock that will not require the use of a key.