2018 Tuner Rules

If you currently drive in another class other than Tuner, or have driven full time in the past two years in another class, you are not allowed to race in this class.

Bodies & Frames
1. Any make or model front wheel drive 4-cylinder only. NO EXCEPTIONS
2. May run all-wheel-drive/4-wheel-drive cars if rear drive shaft is removed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Car must pull with front wheels only. This will be checked before the race begins.
3. May be 2 or 4 door; hatch back, sedan, station wagon, etc.
4. No turbo or supercharged cars allowed
5. No NOS or other performance enhancing devices allowed.
6. All glass must be removed. Including lights.
7. Remove all burnable upholstery
8. May replace stock dash with sheet metal dash
9. All exterior chrome and molding or anything that can come off the car must be removed.
10. Battery must be put in fully enclosed battery box, securely mounted to car
11. Remove the insulation under the hood.
12. Must have 20″ number on each side and 20″ number on roof of car for scoring.
13. External parts may be removed such as A/C compressor and dehydrator, PS pump, etc…
Absolutely no performance parts may be added to the engine with the exception of spark plugs
and air filters. Air filters MUST utilize STOCK air box.
14. All ECM’s (computers), including chips, MUST be OEM Stock for year, make and model of
car. All computers and ECM’s must be securely mounted behind dash out of reach of driver.
Absolutely NO aftermarket performance chips or computer modifications!
15. All cars MUST have stock bumpers front and back. Damaged body parts may be covered
with sheetmetal or plastic provided original body remains underneath repaired areas where
16. All cars must have tow chains front and back

Safety :
1. Must have serviceable fire extinguisher SECURLY mounted within reach of driver, no tape or
zip ties.
2. Must have window net on driver’s side with proper mounting hardware.
3. All cars must have a minimum of a 4-point roll cage with a minimum of 3 driver side door
bars. Must use minimum 1/8″ steelplate over all 3 drivers door bars
4. Must use 4 or 5-point safety harness. Harness must be bolted to roll cage , all belts to be less
than 5 yrs old and all frayed belts must be replaced…..NO EXCEPTIONS
5. Must use approved racing seat bolted to roll cage.
6. Gas tank may be replaced with a fuel cell, but must remain “centered” in the trunk area, no
offset to either side.
7. If gas tank is behind rear axle, then you must install a “U” shaped bar between rear bumper
and tank.
8. All cars must have 3 windshield bars 3/8″ in diameter, securely welded to roll cage
9. Recommend screening of window at least in front of driver
10. All roll cage areas that the driver may contact during race conditions must be covered with
11. May install quick release steering wheel for safety considerations however steering column
must remain stock.
12. Master Battery disconnect switch must be used and located so that the driver or EME.
personnel can get to it. ( RED HANDLE )
13. All cars must pass saftey inspection or no racing that event, or until issue is fixed

1. All springs/struts must be stock height, size, and rate.
2. OEM type passenger car shocks only. No air shocks. No racing shocks.
3. Stock Bump Stops on suspension.
4. All steering components must remain stock.
5. All wheels must remain straight up and down with no adjustment in camber
6. No strut supports of any kind…NO EXCEPTIONS
Tires and Wheels
1. Must be Factory Stock or steel OEM or equivalent wheels, NO RACING WHEELS
2. No mud tires, DOT street tread only. All tires must be same size (Example: 225, etc)
3. Tires do not have to match each other in size or brand.
4. Wheel size must be factory (if car came with 13″ wheels, then you must run 13″ all the way
around. 14″ must run 14″, and so on. Cannot run other than stock offset on wheels and cannot
run wider than stock wheels. Beadlock allowed on right front only.
5. No tire soaking/and or treating in any class. Any driver/owner/crew member found to have
used, or brought, any tire soaking chemicals onto racetrack property will be asked to leave the
property and will be subject to fine and or suspension.