2018 Pure Stock Rules

Changes for 2018 are as follows! Please Read!
Bodies and Frames:
• #6 – Hood and trunk must be within OEM width
• #16 – added – “gradual”
Tires and Rims:
• #2 — Towel City Yellow Dots only required as of May 5, 2018.
• #5 – “right side only” removed
• #6 – entire statement removed.
• #1 – added — Stock rubber bushings required, no mono-balls
• #4 – removed – “sway bar may be removed”. Added – NO sway bar.
• #6 – Added – “right front uppers must be 8”; left must be 8 ½”
• #11 – Added – IMCA/Speedway stamped.
• #15 – Added – “Spacing blocks allowed but cannot be wedge or adjustable”
• #3 – Added – Helmet must be SNELL approved.
• #5 – Removed – “You may”

• Fuel cells will be 16 gal. in 2019
Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the officials. Any decision of and by race track officials is final.
Any unsportsmanlike conduct shall carry a minimum $100 dollar fine and/or suspension.
Car must meet the satisfaction of chief technical inspector for integrity and safety each night before allowed on the racetrack.

The rules and regulations set forth are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participation in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.
The minimum requirements set forth may change at the discretion of the management of Flomaton
No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.
They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to a participant, or any other individuals that enter the property.

Anything not specified must be OEM and remain in stock location with no modifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the chief technical inspector, any decision of and by Raceway officials is final.

2. ALL CARS MUST HAVE TOW CHAINS on front and rear of car, easily accessible to track officials.
3. No driver may get out of his/her car on the track or infield to argue or discuss the race with officials. If this rule is violated the driver may be disqualified and/or fined for the event and/or future events. ALL drivers are responsible for their crew members and their actions.
4. The speedway is private property. Through your admission ticket you have been given the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities. However, the management of the speedway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this right at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans or management of the speedway.


Bodies & Frames

1. 1969 or newer.
2. 4 point cage minimum with 3 door bars on each side – May run Full Cage. All welds and structural integrity must be satisfactory of chief technical inspector.
3. All glass must be removed.
4. All body parts must remain stock except rear bumper may be replaced by 2×2, 2×3, or round tube but must be extended no further than 5″ from frame rails. No pointed or sharp edges of any kind. No solid stock.
5. Frame must remain complete and unaltered.
6. May skin car with steel sheet metal. May have aluminum sides but must maintain a steel hood, roof, and trunk.
Must contain factory body lines for car being run. IT MUST APPEAR STOCK! MUST APPEAR STOCK! MUST APPEAR STOCK! MUST APPEAR STOCK! MUST APPEAR STOCK! Hood and trunk must be within OEM width.
7. Minimum roof height is 53″.
8. Maximum distance from firewall to back of seat 59″.
9. Monte Carlo nosepiece only, 78-86.
10. Back must be enclosed. May use aftermarket tailpiece.
11. Minimum door opening 13″.
12. Must have stock roof.
13. Rear deck from speaker platform to back of seat may be sloped to seat bottom.
14. No boxing of interior.
15. Rear deck height 40″on hung bodies (minimum 35″)
16. No more than 3″ gradual fall from firewall to rear of nose piece.
17. Unibody cars must tie sub-frames together in a manner that is acceptable to track officials.
18. May run aftermarket Camaro nosepiece on Camaro chassis.

Tires & Rims

1. 8 inch wheel maximum width.
2. Towel City Yellow Dots only required as of May 5, 2018.
3. 1″ Lug Nuts Mandatory.
4. Bead lock wheel on right rear only.
5. 2″ or 3″ offset.
6. No wheel spacers.
7. No tire alterations of any kind allowed (chemical or physical). Automatic disqualification.

Read End
1. Locked, limited slip, or shimmed ok.
2. Rear-end must be for make and model of car being used.
3. Aftermarket axles are recommended.

1. No modifications allowed. Stock rubber bushings required, no mono-balls.
2. Stock diameter springs only , may change rate, no screw type adjusters. no racing shocks.
3. No adjustable spring spacers allowed, must be solid.
4. NO Sway bar.
5. Solid spring spacers ok, no adjustable screw type adjusters allowed.
6. Steel aftermarket upper “A” frame allowed. Non adjustable. Stock length. Stock type ball joint of stock length. No screw in ball joints. Right front uppers must be 8”, left must be 8 1/2”.
7. No Bilstein or race valved shocks.
8. Must have WORKING FOUR WHEEL brakes.
9. Four-wheel disc brakes OK. No Aluminum brake parts. No Scalloped rotors.
10. Single brake master cylinder only. No brake adjustments of any kind. No valves of any kind. No regulating of brake pressure of any kind (other than the drivers foot). Brake lines must be routed in a manner in which the complete length of line may be inspected by track officials.
11. Three-piece spindle ok- IMCA/Speedway STAMPED. No short arm
12. No suspension binding of any kind via chains, cables, etc. Suspension must be able to move freely.
13. No internal or external bump stops on shocks.
14. May change rate of leaf springs. Must mount in stock location. Mono leaf not allowed.
15. No sliders on leaf spring cars. Spacing Blocks allowed but cannot be wedge or adjustable.
16. Front frame must match rear.

***SHOCK CLAIM*** effective 2014
1. Any eligible driver finishing feature that is scored on the lead lap can claim all shocks for $125 from any of the top three drivers.
2. Only driver may claim and agree to sell or refuse. In case of multiple claims on same item, drawing will be held to determine outcome. Claim is not charged to drivers not awarded item. If first eligible driver withdraws claim, next eligible driver will be awarded claim.
3. Driver must report the claim to the Chief Technical Inspector IMMEDIATELY after the feature race and must have CASH in hand.
4. All claimed items must be removed at the track, within a reasonable amount of time (at discretion of track officials) and must leave the track under possession of claiming driver. If any driver is caught at the track claiming for another driver, both drivers forfeit all cash, trophies and contingencies for event.
5. During a claim, all shocks should be inspected for legality prior to transfer of items. If claimed item is found illegal, driver is disqualified. Claimer then has option to accept or decline claim.
6. Refusal to sell any claimable item forfeits all cash, trophies and contingencies for event.

Gas Tank
1. Fuel cell recommended, must be mounted in the center of the car.
2. Fuel lines must be routed so they cannot be ripped loose from racing action. If ran through interior of car, they must be in conduit or other protective metal casing. They must be insulated in protective casing from fuel cell to fuel pump so that the fuel line may not be damaged in competition.
3. Fuel cell must be mounted in can with two 2″ straps top and bottom. Must have tip over valve.

• All parts must have stock casting numbers.
• c.1969 or newer American made 2 or 4 door sedans with a minimum wheelbase of 108”. Frame and body must match.
• No front wheel drive cars.
• Engine must be used for make of car used, year may be interchanged.
• Stock style Moroso mounts or pedestal are allowed.
• Cross member must remain unmodified. A-arm mounts must be in stock location.
• Breather and full air filter required at all times. No air boxes.
• Stock unaltered turbo 350 or 400, metric 200 transmission only. Stock and unaltered torque converter 11” minimum.

1. No aluminum engine parts.
2. Unmodified Holley part #4412 only. No modifications except choke butterfly and shaft may be removed. Choke horn must remain unmodified. Maximum 1” aluminum spacer/adapter with 1 gasket per side not to exceed .065”in thickness.
3. Unmodified cast iron 2 or 4 barrel intake manifold must be factory OEM stock. Must be factory low-rise OEM stock. No bowtie, aluminum, airgap, or marine intakes. No GM 14098242 or GM 14096242 intakes.
4. Headers allowed, part number SUM-G9005 or Flotech 11108FLT. No center dump manifolds. No crossover or “H” pipes. Exhaust must extend past driver. Maximum id on pipe is 1-7/8” inch.
5. No phenolic/wooden carburetor spacers.

Cylinder Heads
1. Stock production heads only and must be for 350 engine only. No closed chamber heads, no aluminum heads. No Vortec heads. No angle plug heads. The following heads are not allowed (last 3 casting#s) 040, 041, 186, 291, 292, 461, 462, and 492. Any questionable heads must be approved by chief inspector prior to racing.
2. Maximum compression 165 lbs. (+10) with exhaust valve disabled, all plugs removed, and carburetor in full open position with a battery charger if needed. Time limit may be enforced by chief tech inspector.
3. No flow work on heads, no port matching
4. Stock diameter (1.25 in) valve springs. No beehive springs. No over sized valves, max size is GM 1.94 intake 1.50 ex. Ford 351w & 302 2.02 intake and 1.60 ex. 3 angle valve job ok. No angle milling allowed.
5. Stock rockers, stock ratio only GM 1.5 ford 1.6 6. Screw in studs and guide plates ok. No stud girdle .Poly locks ok.

1. Block may be bored max .060”over maximum 360 cid.
2. Stock production rods only. 5.7 only must have factory markings. Must be stock length for engine being used. Nut and bolt type.
3. No dome or pop up pistons. Aftermarket dish , flattop 2 or 4 valve relief pistons ok.
4. OEM crankshaft only. Stock stroke. No lightening, no polishing.
5. Aftermarket oil pan ok.
6. Aftermarket hydraulic camshaft allowed. Maximum lift .284”measured at the cam.
7. Firing order must remain stock and unaltered, No 4-7 swaps
8. Aftermarket aluminum radiator ok.
9. Battery may be relocated to firewall or inside driver compartment. Battery must be in a type battery case fully covered and securely mounted. Plastic cases only.
10. Any water bottles or other cooling devices must be securely mounted on right side of car and forward of the rear-end.
11. Aftermarket power steering pump and aluminum pulleys ok.
12. Aluminum water pump ok.

1. All cars must have 5-point approved safety belts mounted by 3/8 grade 5″bolts. 3” minimum strap width and must be manufactured within 3 years of event.
2. Approved helmet and goggles or shield. Helmet must be SNELL approved.
3. Driver’s fire suit required. Must be complete!
4. Working 2-1/2 lb. minimum fire bottle required properly mounted within reach of driver while securely seated. May not be hose clamped, taped, zip tied, etc.
5. Use a properly installed racing seat and fuel cell for safety purposes. These items will be checked for proper installation prior to going on the track by Tech personnel.
6. Drivers neck brace is mandatory.
7. Roll bar padding is mandatory on all bars within reach of any part of the drivers body while driver is properly seated in the car.
8. Drivers window net manufactured within past 5 years is mandatory.
9. Ribbon type window net only. No sprint car type or mesh.
10. Must have protective bars in windshield area forward of driver.
11. Absolutely no weight or ballast added to the car of any kind. No oversized, high gauged, or solid stock frame alterations or bumpers.

Fuel cells will be 16 gal in 2019.