2018 General Rules


The rules and regulations set forth are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participation in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.

The minimum requirements set forth may change at the discretion of the management of Flomaton Speedway.

No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.

They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to a participant, or any other individuals that enter the property.



Anything not specified must be OEM and remain in stock location with no modifications.
Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the chief technical inspector, any decision of and by Flomaton Speedway officials is final.


2. ALL CARS MUST HAVE TOW CHAINS. On front and rear of car, easily accessible to track officals.

1. All decisions, judgment calls or interpretations of rules by track officials will be final. ALL decisions from tech are final. Competitors in track events, by entering said events, agree to abide by all official decisions. Every effort will be made to ensure that safety and fairness is extended to all participants and management reserves the right to amend any rules or regulations that would promote a better quality program or safer program.

2. No driver, car owner or mechanic shall have any claim for damages, expenses, etc. against promoter, track operator or participating raceway or it’s officials by reason of disqualification, or damage to either car or driver, or both and they agree the track is in a safe and usable condition if they take part in any of the racing activities.

3. All drivers, car owners, mechanics or any other persons assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death and or property damage, any time they are on racetrack premises or in route to or from track.

4. Promoter, race director, or participating track officials have the right to reject entry of any car, driver or individual.

5. Management reserves the right to inspect any race car at any time. Failure to allow this will result in disqualification without refund of money.

6. Track Officials may run any type race program.


8. NO ONE allowed in pit area without a visible, dated pit pass and must maintain hand stamp. (If it washes off, get it stamped again).

9. Drivers under the age of 18 years old on date of event must complete a parental release form.

10. No person member may enter competition area (pits of track) until he/she has signed all releases, registrations or entry blanks. No person will be permitted at any time to sign the release sheet for anyone other than themselves.

11. Either the car owner or driver will be required to attend pit meeting and be on time.

12. No competitor shall subject any track official to abuse or improper language at any time. Any violations will be subject to suspension and disqualification of affiliated entry of event. Drivers and car owners are responsible for their pit crew and family members actions. Any complaints must be presented to the pit steward, in a civil manner (preferably written) , who will  confer with judge.

13. Only driver is allowed to issue protest. If a driver cannot control his pit crew, he and his crew can and will be suspended from the track for any given period of time.

14. NO ONE, under any circumstances, is allowed on the FLAGSTAND or SCORING TOWER or in its area – this will result in immediate dismissal from property, automatic disqualification of affiliated entry, and or supension.

14. Any competitor, driver, owner, mechanic, etc. who takes part in demonstrations or fights on the track premises before, during or after the race shale be subject to immediate dismissal from property, automatic disqualification of affiliated entry, and or supension.

15. Drivers leaving or entering the pits in a reckless manner or speeds any faster than idle speed will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension.

16. Any privately owned vehicle not used to tow race car or supplies for track use will not be allowed to park in pit area unless personal clearance is obtained and fee paid.

17.  After entering the track for a race, if you have to exit the track for ANY reason, you must restart in the rear. This also includes red flags.

18. All cars must start under their own power.

19. no “off color” drawings or slogans on car.

20. All race cars must be clean and neat in appearance upon arrival at races.

21. No duplicate numbers in same class on same night. Numbers will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis by driver sign in.

22. Each car will have minimum 18” high and 3” wide numbers, NEATLY DISPLAYED on each side of the car and also on the rood (visible and readable  from the tower as you pass under the flag stand). Smaller, visible numbers will be placed front and rear (headlight and taillight area) for on-track workers and line up officials.

23. All races will be conducted under “Green Flag conditions”. Caution laps will not count.

24. Under no circumstances will vehicles other than eligible race cars be permitted to enter the track after green flag drops.

25. Drivers or pit crew members (with track officials consent) must be with car that is being handled by wrecker or tractor on track or in pit area. Wrecker, tractor and 4-wheeler drivers are considered track officials. Driver must be properly seated in car while being towed or pushed by track officals.

26. No vehicle or crew member will go to accident scene until signaled y flagman and/or on-track official. No exceptions.

27. When you are called to line up for a race, you must quickly take your position. If you are late by the pit stewards discretion, the pit steward will decide if you take up rear or return to pit area.

28. Pole position is responsible for orderly start and needs to maintain a consistent speed. No “break checking” or flying starts! Any driver who breaks out of position to pass before green flag drops is subject to be black-flagged, or put to the rear of the field.

29. Any car causing two cautions will go to the pits; if you spin two times, you need some adjustments.

30. Any intentional bumping, spinning, or unsportsmanlike  driving will be black-flagged.

31. Any car involved in a caution will be sent to the rear of the field. The car causing the caution is subject to being black-flagged.

32. Anyone who feels he is not in his right position for lineup should pull up to the high side of the track and continue until notified where to line up.

33. Race participants are not employees of the track and are considered independent contractors and assume and take all responsibility for all charges, premiums, and taxes, if any, payable for any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any event at the track.

34. Flomaton Speedway LLC. must have a completed driver information sheet on file before any monies will be disbursed. Prize money shall be paid to driver only and he will be soley responsible for settlement with car owner. Prize money must be picked up on race date – no money will be held. Everyone must fill out a driver sheet. On the sheet there is a place for the person receiving prize money to sign. This is the person, or business, who receives the 1099 and is responsible for taxes. If this section is not filled out the 1099 goes to the driver. If the information changes during the year, you must inform Flomaton Speedway LLC. the 1099 will go to the driver. This same rule applies to address changes.

35. When and if any race is called off because of weather conditions with less than half the race program completed, no purse will be paid and spectators will keep ticket stubs for rain check to be used the following week. If more than half the race program has been completed, he race program will be considered complete with no refunds. Uncompleted feature races will be run the next regular race night.

36. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

37. No mirrors in race cars in any class.

38. If these rules don’t say you can, YOU CAN’T!!!

39. Illegal parts are subject to confiscation by Flomaton Speedway LLC..

40. Absolutely no alcohol allowed in pits or in areas. Illegal drug possession or use will not be tolerated by Flomaton Speedway LLC. Offenders of this alcohol and drug rule will be subject to immediate ejection from premises and punishment by local, state, and federal law. Pit crew offenders will subject driver and car to ejection from track.

41. Any driver participating in the racing program may be suspended if under the influence of alchol or narcotics.

42. NO traction control devices of any kind in or on any class car.

43. Driver sign in time is 6:00pm. If a driver signs in after 6:00pm he/she will start in the rear of the last heat or feature.

44. No working on the race car on the track, infeild, apron, entry, or exit of racetrack. This will result in immediate disqualification.

45. The flagman is the absolute authority concerning racetrack surface.

46. Any complaint or discrepency with scoring or judgment calls will be presented after the event in a calm professional manner. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and or removal of property.

To file a protest of another competitor the following procedure must be followed:

      A.  Only a driver who competed in the event will be allowed to file a protest of another competitor in the same event.

      B. Item to be protested must be filed with the Chief Tech Inspector in writing and accompanied by  $350.00 cash within fiften minutes of completion of said event.

      C. Only driver  finishing in the top three of said event and on lead lap will be allowed to file a protest.

      D. The Chief Tech Inspector will not accept any protests he feels is done in an un-sportsmanlike manner, is filed after the fifteen minute time limit, is not filed in the complete manner as specified above or is filed in spite.

2. If all criteria is met and protest is accepted, the car being protested will be delivered to the tech are for inspection. The only persons allowed to be present in the inspection area will be the tech officials, tractor operator, driver and one mechanic of car being protested, and the protesting driver. No exceptions.

3. Only the item being protested will be available for inspection by the protesting driver.

4. If the item being protested is found to be legal, the protesting driver will forfeit the protest fee with with the fee going to the car being protested, $50.00 to the track regardless of outcome (to be entered into championship points fund.)

5. If the item being protested is found to be illegal, the protesting driver will receive the protest fee back, plus any additional monies and/or points that my be paid if he is moved up in finishing order due to the disqualification of the illegal car. Minus $50 to go to the track. (to be entered into championship points fund.)

6. Tech Inspectors will be allowed to inspect any item on the car being protested during the protest. Tech Inspectors may deem a car to be illegal and disqualify the car from the night’s events but find the car to be legal on the item being protested to therefore win the protest.

7. Any driver refusing to accept a properly filed protest will be disqualified from the night’s events and will forfeit all monies and points for the night.

8. Any driver found illegal during a protest, or refusing a protest, may be required to undergo an inspection of this item before he is allowed to compete again at Flomaton Speedway.

9. All decisions of Flomaton Speedway Officials will be final.

Protest Fee and inspection outlines

    To inspect all aspects of engine. (from top of intake to bottom of oilpan) $300

    To inspect top end of engine( from top surface of pistons to top of intake, including heads, and bore and stroke.) $200

    To inspect any other aspect of car. (i.e. carburetor, transmission, rearend, added weight, ect.) $150

    Track will retain $50 of protest fee, regardless of outcome to add to championship points fund.


1. Cars going in and out of the pits and traveling through the pits must travel at a slow, moderate, safe rate of speed no faster than idle.

2. All competing cars must be equipped with a dry type fire extinguisher no smaller than 2lbs with gauge mounted within easy reach of the driver using proper mounting technique.

3. All fuel cells must be in trunk area with a minimum of two straps surrounding it. Straps must be at least 1/8 inch thick and 2 inches wide. No duel fuel cells.

4. No electric fuel pumps allowed. Except in Stinger and Mini Sprint division by which a master electrical kill switch must be installed, clearly labeled and accessable by track officals.

5. A quick-release 5-point racing belt harness no less than 3” wide is mandatory. Both ends must be fastened to the roll bars or frame with a minimum 3/8” grade 5 bolts. Manufactured within the past 3 years.

6. Approved helmets with face shield or goggles required.

7.  Fire suit, helmet, seat belts, shoulder harness, neck brace, eye protection and gloves will be worn at all times while on the track.

8. All cars must have a roll cage approved by track officials. Minimum .095 thickness and must be welded to frame. Minimum 1 1/2” O.D.  with four bars in drivers side. If 1 3/4”, must have three bars in drivers side. Must have center bar in roof, vertical bar in center of windshield area, and vent bar on drivers side. Vertical bar minimum 1” O.D. (four small bars to protect driver are acceptable).

9. All glass and upholstery must be removed.

10. Boxing of drivers compartments are not permitted in Vintage or Street Stock classes. Track officials or medical personnel must be able to remove driver from either side of car.

11. For drivers protection, screens over windshield or vertical steel bars in front of driver are required.

12. Doors must be welded, bolted or strapped securely

13. Drive shafts must be painted white.

14. All cars must have a 360 degree loop placed at the front of the drive shaft. Loop should be made of steel not less than 1/4” thick and 2” wide.

15. Scatter shield is recommended on standard transmissions.

16. No glass, plexiglass or lexan allowed.

17. Radiators, oil coolers, water, oil, or gas lines are not allowed inside driver’s compartment of car.

18. NO ONE is allowed on the track in case of an accident except wreckers, ambulance crews, and track officials.

19. Battery box must be bolted or securely mounted and battery must be covered or sealed and securely held down.

20. There must be a firewall between driver and gas tank and between driver and engine.

21. No Uni-Body cars unless frame is tied together, and must be approved by track official.

22. Window nets are mandatory on driver side window in all classes with approved hardware. Strictly enforced. Manufactured within past five years.

23. Track officials reserve the right to inspect any race car at any time. No unsafe cars will be allowed to participate. Failure to allow inspection will result in disqualification without refund of money.

24. Floamton Speedway LLC. reserves the right to change, omit, and/or enforce any rules necessary to maintain a safe program.

25. Approved Fire Retardent Racing suits mandatory in all classes.

Race Procedure

1. It will be the driver’s responsibility to be lined up prior to the start of the race. If the car is not in the proper position prior to cars rolling onto the track, It may be required to start at the rear of the field. Lineups will be posted on the board located in the pits.

2. Track reserves the right to have inverted starts in all classes.

3. All starts will be running starts, two cars abreast (double file). If the race is stopped for any reason after the first completed green flag lap, the cars will be restarted in single file in the order they were scored at the flagstand. All restarts will be at the flagmans discretion in turns three and four. Cars must stay in the same position until the green flag is dropped. The flagman reserves the right to stop a race at any time.

4. Any driver intentionally stopping before the completion of the first lap to bring out the caution, will be put to the rear.

5. Cars on, the pole and outside pole positions will have two chances for a green flag start. After two false starts, both cars will be put in the rear of the field. And field is subject to single file start.

6. There will be no courtesy hot laps, unless approved by the race director and flagman (time permitting).

7. In case of caution, cars will race back to the yellow flag except Mini Sprint divison or unless specified otherwise in pit meeting by race director. Caution lap will not count as part of the race. Should caution occur after white flag, cars will be scored as they take the checkered flag without consideration given to cause of caution.

8. Any car(s) that are involved in any accident that brings out the red or yellow flag will be lined up at the rear of the field.

9. Cars that appear to be unsafe by the flagman or race director for any reason will be black-flagged and must go to the pits for corrective action.

10. Slower cars given the “move over” flag (blue flag with yellow stripe) must move to the outside (top) of the track. (Leaders are comming)


1. No jackrabbit starts. No “Break checking” Maintain pace truck speed.

2. No racing until the green flag is dropped. Pole position is responsible for a clean, fair start.

3. If flagman starts the race by waving the green flag it will be considered a start. If a caution comes out after the green flag is waved, you will race back to the caution, except Mini Sprints unless specified otherwise in pit meeting by race director.

4. Flagman may start any cars that are unable to complete the first lap, in single file.

5. Cars must pass under the green flag for their laps to start counting. A car entering a race from the pits after a start must be ahead of the lead car before the lead car reaches the flag stand to be in the same lap.

Flag Rules

GREEN FLAG – Signals drivers to begin racing, racing conditions exist while the green flag is shown.

YELLOW FLAG – Caution! Be aware of a potential hazard ahead. Used to signal when unsafe conditions exist on the track such as an accident or debris. Drivers will SAFELY race to the yellow flag.

RED FLAG – STOP RACING! Bring car to a complete stop as soon as it is safe to do so. This flag is used when track conditions present a danger to race participants. Cars will be realigned to the previous lap.

WHITE FLAG – Signals one lap before finish of race.

BLUE FLAG WITH YELLOW STRIPE – used to signal drivers they are about to be passed by race leaders. Upon this signal, you must give the leaders ample opportunity to pass by moving to outside (top) of track.

CHECKERED FLAG – Signals end of race.

BLACK FLAG – Go directly to pit steward. This flag signals a driver his car represents a potential danger or is a result of un-sportsman-like conduct. If black flag is for equipment, the driver may return to race when the problem has been eliminated. Pit steward will be able to advise driver.

CROSSED FLAGS – Two flags crossed signals race is half complete.