Pure Stock $2000 to win/ $75 to start

Flomaton Speeway


The King of the Pure Stocks will be crowned the Saturday Night at Flomaton Speedway after the $2000 to win/ $75 to start King of the Coast mega money main event! Adult Grandstand tickets are just $10! For more details visit www.FlomatonSpeedway.com… See you at the Track!!!!

Pure Stock KING of the COAST $2000 to Win

Flomaton Speeway

The Pure Stock division will take center stage this Saturday Night as we will crown the King of the Coast!!!! $2000 on the line for this can’t miss showdown! Just making the show will put money in the driver’s pocket! We are expecting another full house for this one so get there early and hold on tight!

Also in action will be the NeSmith Street Stocks, Tuners, and Gulf Coast Mini Sprints!

Gates Open at 4

Early car entry is permitted, registration begins at 4

Hot Laps at 6:45

Adult Grandstand $10

Kids 6-12 $5

5-under FREE

Pit Pass $25

Street Stock and Tuner entry fee $10

king of the coastFlomaton Speedway
$2000   to Win Pure Stock Race
Pos. Pay Saturday, April 26, 2014
1 $2,000 Pit Pass $25
2 $400 Entry Fee $50 ($40 for race fee- $10 to drivers points fund)
3 $200
4 $125 Double Points
5 $110
6 $100 Qualify to set heat race line up
7 $90 Top 16 transfer to A- Main  from heats
8 $80 Transfer 6 more cars from B-Mains
9 $75 Promoters provisional for 2 non- qualifying cars   ranked highest in 2013 track points
10 $75 Top 6 cars in feature lineup to redraw to for 6   starting spots
11 $75
12 $75 Heat Races 8 Laps
13 $75 B-mains 8 Laps
14 $75 A-main 50 laps
15 $75
16 $75
17 $75
18 $75
19 $75
20 $75
21 $75
22 $75
23 $75
24 $75

Gulf States Modifed Series to make 2014 apperance

Flomaton Speeway

gsmsThe Gulf States Modified Series will roll in to Flomaton, Alabama on June 14th to take on the historic high banks of Flomaton Speedway! This open wheel modified series will feature the best drivers on the Gulf Coast and will be a must see show.

2014 Race Schedule Now Posted

Flomaton Speeway

2014 season 2

2014 Class Rules Updates

Flomaton Speeway

Racers, please be sure to check out the latest rule updates for your particular class. Some changes have been made since there has been an alliance formed between Flomaton Speedway, Southern Raceway, and Northwest Florida Speedway to ensure that the local tracks are all on the same page. Please check back often because we may have overlooked some important issues. We at Flomaton Speedway appreciate your patience as we work toward a brighter future for racing on the Gulf Coast.

2014 Season is coming fast

Flomaton Speeway

The 2014 class rules are now up to date and the schedule is only a day or so from completion. Anticipation for the upcoming season has never been higher. Wholesale changes are being made in every area as the McCall Family continues to put forth every effort to make Flomaton Speedway your destination for excitement and family fun. Keep checking back for the latest news because Micha and the gang are certainly shaking things up on the Gulf Coast.logo

Connect With Us

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We have a new Facebook FAN PAGE. Go LIKE it today, the friend page will be deactivated in the coming weeks so be sure to click LIKE so that you won’t miss a bit of the news and action coming from Flomaton Speedway. The reason for the move is because we have met the 5,000 friend limit that Facebook implimets. WOW!!! This is a great problem to have, no doubt. This is just one of the small steps that we are taking to enhance your experience with Flomaton Speedway. We want to take your experience beyond the high banked clay oval and make a more enjoyable time for our web-based guest. The Facebook logo picture in this article is a link that will take you to the new page, so go LIKE us today!!!

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